5G is Coming...But Not Until 2020

The "Ericsson" company is already conducting testing 5G networks in Sweden and the United States.

It is expected that the new generation of mobile networks 5G will be available in the market around 2020, but the "Ericsson" company is already conducting testing 5G networks in Sweden and the United States.

"Erickson's" new 5G concept layout looks simple; a mobile device that has a 5G technology connects at the same time with several 5G cell's, or to form a connection to multipoint. This provides flexibility, which guarantees that the device maintains a high-quality relationship with 5G network while moving between cells. It also allows the transfer of several groups of different signals (Multiple Input Multiple Output - MIMO) using the same radio channel to the mobile device. This process is called distributed MIMO and it will allow the speed of downlink higher by 100 percent. 

- In order to be ready for commercial use in 2020, 5G development must move from the laboratory to test on the existing networks. Connection to multi-point, which supports the "Erikson" 5G interface, just shows that 5G it goes to the testing and deployment in existing networks - said Dr. Hakan Anderson from the company "Ericsson". 

Also, "Ericksson" is actively working on a pilot project, which will use the 5G technology for communication and remote control of various operations. In cooperation with several Swedish companies, the project is designed to improve productivity and safety in the Swedish mines. In the initial phase of the project, the development of 5G system, which consists of new and existing technologies will be used for remote control "Volvo" trucks, which transport the ore from the mine. 


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