Why are women with curves great in bed?

If you like girls with curves, then you will be interested in this - read the ten reasons why they are great in bed...


Large breasts and buttocks ravishing which men can address, not the only reason why these ladies are sexy, but that they are aware of their feminine bodies. Beauty and sex appeal might not have much to do with body size, but it does have to do with confidence. Just to remind you - women who have more confidence (read: women with curves) are better in bed.

Science confirmed

Scientific research shows that men are "programmed" so that they are attracted to women with curves. Who could resist that hourglass figure?!

A healthy (sexual) appetite
Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to enjoy - eating cake when she wants, drinks a glass of wine when it wants and when she wants an orgasm, get ready...  

Life is short ...

To spend it with girls who are obsessed with calorie intake and that will time after sex instead of cudling used to talk about a new diet.
Big breasts

OK, not all "rounded" girls have big breasts, but usually have greater than one type of modeling material. To add - it's not all about breasts, but it does not hurt if the girl has nice breasts.


The study showed that women with bigger background born more intelligent children due to higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids stored in the buttocks. If you think that Kim Kardashian ass eclicts men sighs only because is clad in a tight dress, think again - it's men subconsciously sign that a woman is better reproductive health.

Focus on fun things

Ladies with curves will not spend time trying to sneak in three sizes too small jeans, but a lot of fun things - new sex poses, to inflame passions...

You will agree, lush breasts rounded girls are the perfect place where you can rest your head after a good "action".
They are the real supermodels

If you think about it, you'll realize that the rounded girls for hundreds of years been synonymous with beauty and sex appeal - until the runway did not take "walking skeletons". Hundreds of years of history can not get miss!

Famous ladies with curves
Just think of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Beyonce... We probably do not need anything more to add.  


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