Myth or Truth: Men think about sex every 7 seconds

We asked a psychiatrist, whether this is myth or truth.

I believe that somewhere there are indeed men who so often think of sexual intercourse, but it is hardly seven seconds average. This argument does not stand. It was conducted a study of how often men and women think about sex. They were offered the terms sex, food and sleep.

The men first think of sex and then everything else offered, for women sex is only in third place. If we generalize, we can say that men more often think about sex, but is an important factor with which level of sexual desire we are born. There are six levels, from extremely high to extremely low sexual desire and to sexual aversion. If someone has an innate desire extremely high, then more thinks about the intercourse, but it also depends on life stages.

If a man and a woman working all day, taking care of the children, the household and poor sleep, they will think less about sex. On the other hand, summer vacations arouses in us greater sexual desire because the sun awakens certain neurotransmitters. Is strongly influenced by the age and sexual activity. If you are sexually active, the less you think about sex. 


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