Presenting you movies that are definitely the most hated among men ...

Don't get it wrong, we don't say that these movies are bad or anything, just that men do not like them. Many of these films have achieved great popularity, but only because they were based and focused on the female audience. Surely you've all watched a romantic movie with your better half, who she adores, and you can't think of.

The situation is similar with those movies.

10. Bridget Jones's Diary
This is definitely one of the most popular women's films and is certainly one of the most hated men movies. This English comedy follows Bridget Jones struggling with everyday problems in the search for the perfect life.

9. Dirty Dance
Patrick Swayze was known for his charm and that is why it is often the main actor of popular films for women. "Dirty Dancing" is definitely one of those movies. This love drama is full of songs, dance and tap, which is not a male thing.

8. Mamma Mia
"Mama Mia" was one of the most popular films of 2008, when he was in theaters. The story follows a mother and her daughter who live in Greece. Through legendary group Abba songs, they describe their lives. A mixture of musical and romantic comedy and it definitely is not for men.

7. A walk to remember
This popular teen drama follows the story of a popular high school student who tried to prevent him and his friends kicked out of school. Of course, the film was met with great enthusiasm female population, while men were asleep during this movie.

6. My Best Friend's Wedding
If there is something that men hate, they are then movies about weddings. That's exactly what happened with this film. Women are totally crazy about Julia Roberts and romantic story about love, and men are barely surviving.

5. Sex and the City
The film "Sex and the City" was a real man's torture. After a series that all women are accompanied, the movie came out that we were forced to go with our wives and girlfriends. Indeed they were difficult moments.

4. The English Patient
Although the story depicts the events of the Second World War, this film is still despised by men. If you have not yet watched this movie, we advise you not to do that, unless you like a love story with war background.

3. Dear John
A romantic drama about a soldier who falls in love with a girl when he returned home on leave. Of course, war complicate this relationship, and during the seven long years of their relationship continued through letters. Another romantic film that men did not even want to watch.

2. The Notebook
Looks like all romantic films with war background leave a bad effect on men, that is the case with this film. "The Notebook" was a big success and we agree that this movie is not bad, but it just did not go for men.

1. Twilight Saga
This is a film which is likely to both men and women agree that it could have been much better. Teenager comes in a remote town with his father and soon encounters the vampire who falls in love. This attempt at fiction, romance and action is mildly fell and got very bad reviews.


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