5 Weird Japanese Snacks

We are accustomed to Japanese from time to time surprise us, but this really we could not "digest" ...

This time, talking about "strange" food that the Japanese with relish consuming. Mild word for this food is "disgusting". Although we will not talk about the taste, because many claim that these delicious dishes, the dishes must be characterized as some of the most disgusting one has ever seen.

See what it's about.

5. Shirak - Fish sperm
The mere thought of fish sperm that someone put in their mouth makes us vomit. However, it seems that the Japanese are immune to this, because this dish is considered a specialty. The translation of this dish means small children, which in a way is true. Food is very light and has a soft texture. Although everyone says that this dish is delicious, we would not dare to try this.

4. Inago no Tsukudani - Locusts
Another very unusual dish that Japanese offer is Inago no Tsukudani. This dish is made from cooked grasshoppers which are prepared for special spices and sauce. This dish is also quite disgusting, because you literally eat large grasshoppers in one piece.

3. Natto
Natto is dish that is made from fermented soybeans. Although it does not look like previous meals, has a very strong odor that many people do not like. However, people who can ignore the odor (smell) say that this is actually a very tasty dish.

2. Basashi - raw horse meat
If you thought that the Japanese eat only live fish, then you are mistaken. Raw horse meat is very popular in Japan and they compare this dish for sushi, and we see why. They say it is very tasty, but we would also avoid this dish.

1. Tabiji - - live octopus

This definitely deserved the first place in this list, and you'll see why. In addition to their love of raw fish, Japanese like to eat a live animal to be sure that it is fresh. This was the fate of this octopus, which is clearly moving before eaten. In addition, it is disgusting, this dish is very dangerous, because live octopus may stuck in the throat and may lead to suffocation.


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