Shaving will never be the same with this laser razor

Until now we are all more or less shaved in a way that our fathers shaved. There is nothing wrong with that, but somehow we always looked to the future and hopes to be invented device that we've shaved in a few seconds. Something similar will happen in April 2016.

During the Kickstarter campaign in which Morgan and Paul Gustavsson Binun collect funds for their invention - a laser razor. It would be using a laser to shave your beard, just like a mini light sword from the Star Wars series.

The handle should be made of 6061 aluminum, for the razing technology were responsible both inventors. Result looks like the best shaving so far, since the lack of friction to reduce inflammation and irritation. The technology was fed only a single AAA battery, which will be changed once a month.

For now, the price for pre-order $ 159, and we think that the team will quickly gather the necessary funds for a production decision.


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