The most bizarre dating sites

Regular sites are too plain and boring to you? You're too ugly or too beautiful, looking for someone with the same allergies that you have or clowns excite you? Take a look at the top 10 bizarre dating sites and maybe find one that will suit you perfectly or will at least make you smile.

You will find the most bizarre dating sites on the Internet. Take this with a grain of salt, however, because some of you may be very much interested. We have tried to rank them according to the level of banality, and you decide how much they are really bizarre.

1. Diaper Mates (for lovers of diapers)
I think this deserves a gold medal. In the description of the site is "if you are a big adult baby (in the true sense of the word) or you are just a fan of diapers this is the right site for you. Find your big baby in Diaper Mates ". The site brings together lovers of diapers!? Who needs a diaper lovers? Maybe this is a milder variant of those who have different sexual fetishes, and is one of those putting partners in diapers.

2. Clown dating (love among clowns)
Everyone loves a clown, let the clown loves you. Whatever that means, clowns, love, dating. No strings. Well, probably it comes to some kind of association of clowns, who want to through this site to get together and achieve love, friendship or marital companions.

3. Gluten Free Singles (for those sensitive to gluten)
If you are allergic to gluten then this is the site for you. "Gluten Free Singles" is dating site that connects people with this allergy. As the owners of this site say, here you can find friends or a romantic partner in order not to feel lonely or ostracized. The main recommendation of this site is that you can find a partner to help harmonize your living needs and a healthy diet.

4. Darwin dating (for "beautiful")
This site is intended only for "beautiful people". I mean, you have to be beautiful, here the rule is that the beauty of beauty behind. Genetically superior people want both physically attractive offspring, and have the page to get to know peers. However, we fear that with such an attitude they will transmit their genes of arrogance and complacency.

5. The Ugly Ball (for those "less beautiful")
The Ugly Ball is a site that is inversely proportional to Darwin Dating ("beautiful people") site and is intended for people who are willing to admit they are not "divine".

6. Hot sauce passions (for those who prefer to "hot")

There is no greater anguish than when you step in a relationship with someone and you hear that famous: "I do not like spicy food!". Why risk such a scenario when there is a site that connects fans of spicy food. Yes, yes, that's the "hot passion" ...

7. Meet an inmate (for connecting with prisoners)
This is the site where inmates seeking penpals. Apparently there are millions of prisoners who want someone to share their life experiences. Communication with them, after the merger through this site, continues through letters. According to the owner of this website, especially like motivational letters. Would not it be a better idea of the site is designed for correspondence between prisoners, and not people from the "outside world" they write letters.

8. Millionaire match
You are rich and you are looking for an extremely rich partner? We have the right site for you! Here you can find your soul mate with whom you can enjoy on their yachts and fancy cocktail parties or whatever else you can think with all that money. Description of the site is a little impossible. If rich people can not find the soul mate, lover, friend, I do not know who can. Man, come on, leave space for people who want for themselves a rich heir or successor, to attempt here.

9. My free implants (for girls who want free implants)
Women, log on to this site and you will get silicones wherever you want ", for free." My Free Implants is a place where wealthy men donate money to women who want to get the kind of breasts they've always wanted. What men get in return we can only speculate. You probably enjoy voluptuous cleavage, or a Brazilian butt.

10. Singles with food allergies (for allergy)
If you get tired of the partners who have no regard for your allergy to certain foods and still all this burden, then the "Singles with Food Allergies" very site you are looking for. Thus allergic to flour will be able to enjoy them as a partner will make your mouth water with donuts, bagels with cream, sweet roller skating and the like.

If you read our list of top 10 bizarre sites, then you can certainly laugh if nothing else. Or maybe you find yourself seriously rich, someone who will pay you a boob job, be as nice as you, sensitive to gluten ... There are many reasons to visit, and do not worry about the sites are in English. Here you can easily "matches" to people around the world.


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