US marines have infantry armor of the future!!! Iron Man is coming???

Of course, the huge American military budget finally bore something we would like! TALOS suit is the new armor for infantry that for several years perfecting just the best military strategists and engineers, and they hope that it will be widely used already in 2018!

TALOS is an abbreviation of "The Tactical Light Operator Suit", developed by the Ministry of Defense of the United States and as such, is packed with the latest technology inventions. It can reject the bullets due to an excellent armor, can help a soldier lift heavy loads, he may facilitate walking long distances, and even he can give supplemental oxygen if found in a fire.

The main charge of the program was US Army General, Joseph Hollow, leader of the US Special Operations Command's

TALOS weight is up to a maximum of 7 kilos, but it helps in weight with a force of up to 20 pounds. What wonder is this, see in the video!


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