Street art, art that I understand

That art is not just reserved for museums and galleries exhibit shows the following examples ...
Street art, with the speed of light spell on the planet and enabled young talented artists to express themselves freely and amaze everyone around him with his skill. Street art is considered social phenomenon and 
street artists are free to use all available surfaces around, which see and use as a canvas on which to present their ideas.

This time we bring you some of the latest and most interesting examples of street art, which we can safely say, is unsurpassed. We tried single out for you those works that contain most of style and creativity, as well as a clear message of the author. Most of the work is realistic, although there are some stunning images that are breathtaking. Some will inspire you, some will make you think, some might scare you, but you will definitely remember them.

You will be able to notice that the artists used various techniques, themes and styles of expression, and that spared neither space nor skill when it comes to painting. To many the complete side of a several stories building was not enough, because only artists know how to say "expression knows no bounds." Their works are often incomprehensible and quite shocking, given that they often find themselves in a very busy public locations. 

Street art is a nice way to drab city filled with colors that make sense, and that the old facades, streets and other facilities give a new and interesting meaning. Although street artists are often disapproved of the environment, they do not give up on its intention to portray the world in a selection of colors giving it at this new dose of charisma. And though often underestimated, these artists are true masters of their craft, because to win a huge area that stretches before you is not a small challenge, especially if you are away from a safe shelter of the studio and left to the cruelty of the world. 


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