14 bizarre facts about North Korea that you did not know

North Korea has for years applies to the most isolated country. Members of this country are completely separate from the rest of the planet and we're not sure if they know what is happening in the world around them. North Korea is a country you can ask a lot of questions, but still much kept secret. We have found some interesting facts about this country that are really surprised us, so we decided to share them with you.

1. In North Korea you can not have haircut you want. Women have 18 hairstyles to choose from, and men only 10. All other hairstyles are not permitted.

2. In North Korea is 104 year. Their new era did not begin with the birth of Jesus Christ, but with the death of leader Kim Il Sung. 

3. In North Korea there is Ryugyong hotel which is 24 tallest building in the world. Although this is an architectural marvel, because of the isolation of this country, this hotel is almost empty with 3,000 rooms. 

4. 2014, Kim Jong-un has banned the consumption of chocolate pie in North Korea, because he feared it would lead to rebellion. 

5. Jeans are banned in North Korea, as a symbol of American imperialism.

6. But marijuana is legal.

7. Some serious crimes in North Korea receive a sentence which is transmitted generationally, so it is not surprising that the son is serving a sentence for the crime of his father or grandfather. 

8. North Korea produces and consumes so little energy that there is hardly any light at night.

9. Thousands of residents were arrested after the death of leader Kim Jong Il, because they were not disturbed. (Not verified)

10. Each school teacher needs to know to play the accordion.

11. 2015, North Korea has received it's own timezone called Pyongyang.

12. 2013, North Korea claimed to have found the ancient lair of unicorn.
13. North Korea is one of two countries where you can not buy a Coke. (other one is Cuba)

14. The people of this country do not have access to the Internet. Only those whose job requires the use of computers, have access to 1,000 government websites. 

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