Scientifically Proven: Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Longer!

It seems that it is still mind much more important than beauty. Whatever exercise and proper diet help to live longer, it seems that marriage with an intelligent companion does as well, writes D'Marge.

New research from the University of Aberdeen found that men who marry smart women live longer, their life is happier and less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Smart wife protects against degenerative diseases

The study looked at the health of identical twins and found that their environment, including to whom they married, affects the risk of developing dementia and that smart wife is factor that protects against degenerative diseases.

Solving crossword puzzles in the Sunday morning can activate the brain, but intelligent marital companions that give the brain
of their husbands a challenge, including them in the management of intellectual conversation, doing a major barrier to dementia.

It represents the intellectual stimulation

Men who even on recordings of the brain show physical signs of dementia, don't have symptoms of the disease thanks to witty and lively woman in his life.

The most common form of Alzheimer's, dementia, occurs mainly in people over 65, but with a wise woman, representing the long-standing intellectual stimulation and have more education, all professional and cognitive activities of man are associated with a lower risk of dementia. It is clear that behind every good and smart man, there is a good and smart woman.


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