Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing to create next generation hypercar

The code name: Nebula. Information: Non. Details: Non. Unprecedented amounts of secrecy enveloped Red Bull and Aston Martin project during the entire course of development, research and production. Today they admitted. They were "bad". AM RB-001 is the name of the new wild marriage of elite Formula1 engineers and top designers from Aston Martin.

Finally it is unveiled. The curtains were pulled down. Meet beautiful hypercar which is fantasizing, but also produced by Adrian Newey, Red Bull's legendary Formula 1 engineer and designer. The most important thing for us was to be clean, simple and easy. In the figures, should have no more than a ton, and have the weight ratio 1 ton = 1000 horses.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer admits that this is actually a Formula One covered with a little more spacious cabin and luxury, but without exaggeration. Two seats, air conditioning, radio, navigation, music and that's it. Total height? Exactly one meter and 33 millimeters. Low? Yes!

Is it a hybrid? No. Four turbochargers plus blah blah? No. But this is not plain V12. We do not know what they did, but they don't want to tell us. We'll find out more details soon,
but surely will not have less than 1000 horses. 

AM RB-001 will be produced in only 99 copies for the road, with several copies for the race. They will not produce more than 150 copies. Advanced technology, exclusivity and luxury that gives this beauty will cost between two and three million dollars. 


  1. Where could someone get behind the driver's seat anonymous first time.

    1. Probably in the Aston Martin factory, but is still in the testing phase, you'll be able to do that probably next year.


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