Reasons You Should Never Ever Shave Your Beard

Beard is not only an aesthetic decoration, it's part of our body and our trademark that separates us from the female population. Beard has become incredibly popular and men with a beard are no longer "messy" but with its masculine beard successfully won women's hearts.

We love beard, and support anyone who have a beard. These are just some reasons why you should never shave your beard.

# 1 Beards change everything
Wow. I can not believe that this is the same guy!

# 2 Girls Love Beards
The most important reason to grow a beard is because girls love them. Girls are disappointed when you shave.

# 3 Beard Make You Look Badass
Beards are the ultimate sign of badassery. Do not believe me? Just look at this picture.

# 4 Science
Science has proven beards are sexy. Just do not grow mustache.

# 5 Beard Make You Look Manly
Guys with beards are manly. When they shave, they look like babies.

# 6 It can double as a bowl
You can even use a beard as a bowl! Awesome!

# 7 They make you look distinguished
Beard can make you look like a respectable gentleman. The opposite is true when you shave. 


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