6 reasons why women with small breasts are better

The world has become obsessed with big breasts and it is clear why. Women with large breasts look attractive and appear to be mistress of the bed, but scientific research has shown that though women with smaller breasts are better option.

1. Women with smaller breasts look younger

Studies have shown that women with smaller breasts appear five to seven years younger, it goes to you in favor if you are in a relationship with an older woman.

2. Small breast will not hang

The larger they are, the more they will hang when they're older, but women with small breasts do not have these problems.

3. They can wear whatever they want

You must have sometimes felt discomfort when a close female person sitting next to you with an open neckline from which all "
teeming". Women with large breasts have to watch what they wear if they want to leave a good impression, while women with smaller breasts have no restrictions. 

4. They don't have to wear a bra

A woman without a bra is incredibly sexy, and women with small breasts rarely wear bra.

5. Don't have back pain

Women with large breasts often suffer from back pain, which can be very bad in bed.

6. They are better in bed
Studies have shown that women with small breasts want more frequent sexual intercourse. They are also more active in bed and provide incredible fun and adventure.


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