Bengala F12 Caballería full carbon - Italian prancing horse has never looked more vicious

Of course, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta speeder in the standard version does not look tame, but after treatment, weight loss and "facelift" of Spain tuning house Bengal Automotive, we are sure that would not embarrass Bruce Wayne himself, or his alter ego who slaps villains at nights wandering the dark streets of Gotham. We have to admit, if the team from Bengal Automotive company shot at this, have definitely succeeded in that. Wicked speeder got a completely new body crafted completely from carbon fiber, which is inspired by Ferrari GT3 cars, which is clearly visible in the design of the front end and rear diffuser.

In the words of Shoghi Saeidnia, founder of Bengal automotive, this wicked beauty comes in a limited version for only ten lucky guys with enough deep pockets and fortunate enough to be selected for future owners. As performance and mechanical specifications stay enigma, we assume that they made additional interventions to 6.3 liter V12 jewel of Ferrari, which in its standard version develops a respectable 730 horsepower and chases F12 to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds and a maximum of 340 km / h. Yes, it is not a vicious speeder only from the outside, but with a weight reduction due to massive use of lightweight carbon fiber, performance should be even better.



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