Female Therapist Conducts Naked Therapy Sessions For Troubled Patients

Sarah White is a psychotherapist, although unregistered, with a specialty in addiction to porn sites, erotic movies, striptease ... She is 28, lives and works in New York, and says that throughout her career cured several hundred people, among whom were some public figures.

What method she uses? Unbelievable, in a nutshell!

Among other things, she sits in a negligee, sometimes completely naked, and allow her
clients even to masturbate in front of her if it helps them to deal with problems they have.

"Allowing nudity frees my clients, creates a sense of intimacy, immediacy, openness and trust between the therapist and the client. They feel comfortable while talking with me because the fact that I am because of them ready to undress, is a sign that I believe them, and that I will not judge them. Which is true,"says Sarah White. 

She claims that eventually sexual excitement, not distracting the clients, but to help them cope with their problems.

However, regardless of its success in the treatment of clients from various forms of addiction that have a sexual connotation, Sarah White has not received official permission for this work in the United States, because her method of approach is considered immoral.


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