Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Pit Bulls

Pit bull is one of the most popular breeds of dogs, but it beats a pretty bad reputation. Pit Bulls are considered the most dangerous dog breed. Studies have shown that Pit Bulls caused the most bites to humans. However, this study was conducted in the US, where the most popular dog breed is Pit bull, so it is no wonder that the results are like this. In other parts of the world the most popular breeds are retrievers, GSD and crossbreeds.

 What we want to say is that the pit bull is not a breed that will cut your head off and that will eat your child. Like any other dog, pit bull prefer to cuddle, to play and are very responsible dogs who tend to be very protective of children.

Like any other dog, a pit bull can be aggressive, but only when his owner allow him. It's all in training and education.

Do not let prejudice affect your thinking about these beautiful animals.

We have prepared a gallery that will show you just how smooth and cuddly these beautiful dogs are.


  1. Boa Tarde. Quero comprar esse PitBullPretoPanteta. Como faço para Comprar? Abraços. Obrigado. Fui...

  2. Yes and tigers look quite cuddly too!


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