Students Just Found World's Most Beautiful Math Teacher

For most of us, the elementary school is the place where we first met an elderly lady with a mustache who are or have propelled us to stand in a corner, or punish us thin sticks on the palms. Fortunately, this has changed, but we never expected that someone could have a teacher like this.
Meet Oksana Neveselay, a math teacher in Belarus, unmatched sexiest teacher in the world. She became popular after one student put the video on the internet. Thanks to him.

And while her students struggle to get an A in math, she post picture on Instagram. Thanks to her.

As it says on its Facebook page, it will show how sexuality and intelligence correspond with each other.

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on

A photo posted by •Oksana Neveselaya• (@o_neveselaya) on


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