20 Things Every Man Should Know

In the modern era when women in all spheres are equality with man, there are still things that they just do not want to interfere and expect that we are capable enough to solve them our self without any help from the outside. Okay, we do not want to go in shopping, but we still languish in boutiques, but these things that we mention today you just need to know if in your ID with a sex says "male", macho members of the human species with balls and sausage between his legs. Yes, women assume that you are a man genetically predisposed to properly perform any thing on this list.

So, what every real man has to know to do:

How to Give a Manly Handshake

How to Tie a Tie

How to Change a Tire

How To Unhook A Bra with One Hand

How To Make Small Talk with Strangers

How to Break Down a Door

How to Build a Campfire

How to Jump a Car

How to Throw a Punch

The Four Rules of Firearms

How to Survive a Bear Attack

How to Tie Knots

How to Cure a Hangover

Meat Cuts and How to Cook Them

Poker Hand Rankings

How to Shine Shoes

The Many Types of Beer

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

How to Mix Whiskey Drinks

How to Flirt Without Being Creepy


  1. Why are these just for men? EVERYONE should know these things!

  2. This is a mans page. Get out. ��


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