The legend has returned: 2017 Pontiac Trans Am 455 Super Duty

Although we are falling into a slightly younger population, we still remember the fun chasing of Burt Reynolds in the movie "Smokey and the Bandit", which provided Trans Am with almost a legendary status. And that is why in 2010, many lovers were disappointed when GM's announcement that Pontiac's production was cut off due to financial difficulties. Pontiac after 84 years of existence, some seven years ago was sacrificed for Cadillac. But no worry, because "Bandit" will come to you thanks to the company "Trans Am Worldwide", which presented a brutal modern version based on the latest generation of Camaro.

When we say this is brutal and we really mean that, because the GM's new LT1 "small block" V8 engine, the volume increased to 455 cubic inches (7.5 liters), has been embedded in the new Trans Am, which with 2.3L Magnussen supercharger deliver 1000 horsepower. It also produces 1,046 lb. ft. of torque, representing a 160 horsepower and 276 lb. ft. of torque increase over the SRT on 100 octane race gas. Yes, you read right, though, although we could see a similar figure in the recently introduced Camaro Exorcist, here is still a somewhat outdated engine concept. We are sure that, in spite of that, there will be many who will appreciate this modern version of the "muscle car" legend. We would definitely spend it.


  1. Who is "Burke" Reynolds? Is that Burt Reynolds brother?

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