DIY & Crafts: How to Make Cypress Glow In The Dark Table

Although table that glows in the dark seems almost alien, each of you can make it by himself and at home. Mike Warren, enthusiasts who likes handicrafts reveals how to create this, unusual board table, and legs you can choose according to your wishes and set in the usual way. If you are not good at woodworking, check Teds Woodworking plans.

"I had an idea of this project after I saw the unusual boards of cypress in a shop. I've never seen anything like it and I wanted to make something interesting out of it," says Warren. This natural damage to the cypress tree were created because of the fungi Stereum taxodii that causes rotting of wood so formed brown pockets in the wood that can be easily scraped.

"As an passionate carpenter, I saw that the transparent resin is used as a protection for the tables and to fill the holes of the nodes. I used the same technique that has long been there, but I make it interesting by adding fluorescent powder. I take table out at the sun i was amazed how much he glow when I brought it in. It was almost like magic that is hard to conjure up photographs. "


Materials needed:

- 3 cypress wood planks, naturally carved 

- blue powder that glow in the dark 
- transparent resin 
- catalyst 
- screwdriver 
- various grit sandpaper 
- grinder 
- protective equipment (gloves, goggles) 
- 2 paper cups

How it's made:

1. If the edges of planks are untreated, it must be sanded, treated and cut to the same length. Glue them and leave them to dry overnight. To ensure that boards remain in the plane, you can put a couple of planks above and below the plates and fix them.

2. Damaged pockets in boards can easily remove a small tool such as a screwdriver, and then cleaned with compressed air. Because of the dust that is raised, it is advisable to wear suitable protective equipment.

3. When the glue has dried, it is necessary to sand the surface of the plate. You can use sandpaper grit 80 and sander. After sanding, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the wood of debris and dust.

4. Since some of the grooves in the board are very deep or even go through the entire panel, it's necessary to taped adhesive paper to the bottom part and side of the plate to resin wouldn't leak. On the sides you can put the two strips of thick plastic. 

5. The panel 100x55 cm, it takes approximately two liters of a transparent resin and 100 g of powder that glow in the dark. For the preparation of the resin (in this case, the kind of resin used, which uses the 1: 1 ratio with catalyst) need two paper cups, one for resin and the other for the catalyst. Keep in mind that you only have 5-7 minutes until the resin has cured. The whole mixing process should last a maximum of 2 minutes. Glasses with equal quantities, and less than half-full. Add the powder into one of the cups and stir well. Combine the contents of two cups and mix.

6. When the resin is prepared, slowly pour in the grooves of the panel and occasionally stir the content of the glass powder to be equally distributed. As wood absorbs resin, in some grooves need to pour two glasses. The whole process takes about an hour, after which it is necessary to leave the plates overnight to dry completely, and then remove the adhesive paper and plastic from the bottom of the side of the panels.

7. Along the edges where the accumulated larger amount of resin, it is necessary to remove it (e.g., with a scalpel), since this will facilitate the process of sanding. Then sand the entire surface first with coarse sandpaper marks 80, then all the finer, more than 120 up to 400. 

8. On a clean surface, apply a polyurethane topcoat in glow. Leave to dry in a room with the windows open or well-ventilated place. To achieve high gloss, between layers of polyurethane varnish, spray the surface with water and sand with sandpaper 1200. When the polish dries, the board of your table is ready. 

Leave table near a window to gather enough sunlight. Depending on how he was exposed to UV light can shine up to 20 minutes and looks impressive even at dusk. 

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