The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is an absolute beast!

Forget everything that is seen and heard about the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. All this is nothing compared to what is truly come to light.

What comes with the Demon is:

- The fastest production car in the world to 0 to 60mph - in just 2.1 seconds, Demon is faster than the Bugatti Chiron, Tesla P100D Ludicrous Plus.

- The fastest production car in the 400 meters (
1/4 mile) - with 9.65 seconds, ahead of the McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari who fly in 9.8 seconds.

- Car with the highest G force - when it goes, physics start working and will pin you down with the force of 1.8G

- The first production car which front end will lift on acceleration - yes, you read right

- Banned in NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) - yes, again, is too fast

New Demon will be simply better. All they could improve, the team from Dodge did it. The new model has 808 horses and will be 101 horses stronger than the Hellcat. The good news for buyers is that they are getting a coupon, with which they can for only $ 1 convert their Demon in the racing Demon with a special kit for it.
In this kit, gets a bunch of extras exclusively for the race. New seats, lighter bumpers, new tires and rims, and supplement that you can drive on the 100 octane fuel, which in turn provides the power of 840 horses. And that is activated by pressing a button, which will reset the engine and set a new stronger version.

Demon is 90 kilograms lighter than his brother Challenger Hellcat, while his maximum speed will be limited to 270 kmh.

Price will be out soon, and on the road in mid-July.

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  1. This is got to be the best day I've had since having sex for the first time and I think this wins by a hair. This is what legends wanted to be made of. If what is being told is actual proven facts then I have just seen a real life mirical and it must be because I'm still shaking. This completely creates a whole new level of the game that only exotics were invited to. It's about time these boys had the opportunity to create a production car that isn't a one off creation for a celebrity or king of the East. I would like to say Thank You and now that you have the ball RUN with it because there ain t no one chasing that's gonna catch you.


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