10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Cars are definitely one of the greatest achievements of mankind. They enabled us fast and easy transport and accelerated the expansion and progress of civilization. Today, it's hard to imagine life without these metal mallets and everyone is trying to buy their favorite car that they will cherish and enjoy riding it.

During a century since cars have been manufactured, car companies have been struggling to create even more beautiful, faster and longer-lasting cars. From time to time, there are real cars that come out of the factory with some miracle and literally shamed the whole factory. There are many such cases, but we present you cars, which we believe are the ugliest representatives of their companies.

10. Daewoo Tico
9. Wartburg 353
8. Subaru BRAT

7. Matra Rancho
6. Citro├źn Ami

5. Lightburn Zeta
4. Bond Bug
3. Fiat Multipla
2. Nissan S-Cargo
1. Sebring-Vanguard Citicar


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