Why new cars do not have a spare wheel

According to many drivers, the spare wheel is part of the required equipment that you must have in the car because it is never known when your tire can burst. However, there are more and more automotive manufacturers who decide to eliminate the spare tire from the rack. One of these producers is BMW and Hyundai.

These companies have explanations why they do not put spare wheels in their vehicles.

1. "Run Flat" tires

Companies like BMW now put special "Run-Flat" on their vehicles, which after bursting can drive 80 kilometers at a speed not exceeding 80km / h. These tires allow drivers to get to the nearest service, so the need for a spare tire is not so great.

2. Less weight and consumption

The Hyundai company emphasizes that the car is far lighter without a spare wheel, which leads to less fuel consumption. Although Hyundai does not have run flat tires, this company allows its drivers to buy a kite that can currently patch the rubber to the nearest service.

3. Space

The third thing that makes the spare wheel out of use is the space it occupies. Without a spare wheel, the space in the trunk is far greater.

4. Changing the spare wheel

Research has shown that a large number of drivers do not know how to change the wheel independently, so in most cases the spare wheel is unnecessary, as drivers will in any case have to call for help. For this reason, wheels now become part of the accessories that you can choose, depending on whether you know how to change it yourself.  


  1. I'd rather have a spare than be stuck on the side of the road.

  2. If you do not know how to change a tire, you probably should not be driving

  3. And this is how millennials are made !!!!! No wonder they can never do anything for themselves we Takeaway their opportunities to learn

  4. The real answer is it saves money. They strip anything they can rationalize to save money so they can keep up with all of the new safety standards to avoid lawsuits. I imagine if you could buy a vehicle that didn’t have antilock brakes, supplemental restraints, and at least a three star crash rating it would have a spare tire.

  5. The real reason is money. The bean counters get involved

  6. Had a blow out on a Saturday eve. Had to get it towed to the dealership which service was not open till Tuesday. I immediately bought the kit after. Could have easily put a donut on and saved tow, storage, and fees.

  7. Oooooo run flats... I live in a very rural area. If I blow a tire out back it's at least 130km to the nearest service station. Gotta have that spare

  8. Bullshit it's all about the profit margins there just lame excuses to cover the fact they are ripping buyers off that little bit more

  9. naturally running tyres only go flat between the hours of 9 and 5, and when they do there is always a tyre repair shop right there at your finger tips

  10. What utter crap, Every vehicle should have a spare, this is just cost cutting for the manufacturers profit. What if you are in the middle of nowhere at 2am, if your lucky to get a tow truck, how much is that gonna cost?

  11. This should not be allowed at any cost
    Spare wheel is an essential life saving item when you are with your family, going to a remote trip. Govermnet should ban such vehicles withoit spare wheels. Car manufactures must give spare wheel along with kit consists of all the necessary tools to remove the spare wheel in case of immergency.Also a Hydralic jack should be provided. They can take money of all these necessary items, but in return they are ensuring safety of all the members on board.


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