Beauty and Brains: most beautiful Ladies of Chess

Chess is widely known as a game of the rich and smart people, but these days, many sports fans over the globe started to appreciate this game. It may be coming due to the popularity of chess players like Magnus Carlsen, or maybe due to the glamour of that game. Over the past decade, several chess players came in this field of sports and achieved great successes. And female chess players are not far behind as they deliver great performance on the ground while adding a beauty quotient in the game. let’s have a look at beauty FIDE tour players.

Dorsa Derakhshani - Iran/USA

Irina Gevorgian - Uzbekistan

Anna Sharevich - Belarus/USA

Yelizaveta Orlova - Canada

Viktorija Beinoraitė - Lithuania

Anastasia Gavrilova - Switzerland

Ljilja Drljević - Serbia

Triin Narva - Estonia

Jessica Basland - France

Alexandra Botez - Canada
Shahnoza Sabrinova - Uzbekistan

Mansour Mariam


  1. Hou Yifan from China is pretty cute as well, and she's the Woman's World Champion!

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  5. Ljilja Drljevic is the most beautiful


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