How gold is formed

On our planet there are many resources that people use, gold is one of those resources that has been used for centuries as a currency, which is still worth a huge amount of money today. However, many do not know how gold is generated. Most people think that gold is the product of our planet and that it is only created in the planet, but that's not true.

Gold is actually a universe product that is created by the collision of two neutron stars. Gold and other heavy elements are formed due to the collision of double stars made up of neutrons, which represents the real cosmic cataclysm. In these events, which last for several milliseconds, very large energies and temperatures are developing and up to a billion Celsius degrees. In this way, relatively lighter nucleus, such as a nucleus of iron, collect neutrons and protons and become the nucleus of much heavier elements, such as gold and platinum. This means that all the gold on our planet has been created billions of years before our planet and that the gold in our planet has come from unknown parts of the universe.

It is precisely for this reason that gold is extremely rare, and very expensive.

Watch a video clip that will graphically show you how gold is generated in the universe, and next time remember this when you look at your golden chain or watch.


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