Here's why women do not like men who have a big beard

The beard is something that separates men from women and shows their maturity, strength, and masculinity. Men therefore take pride in their beards for centuries and in every way they strive to shape them and make them look fantastic.

Psychology also shows that beard draws women and tells them subconsciously that such men are better for them, that they are more fertile and contain more male hormones. However, the problem lies in those men who choose to have a long beard, as the latest polls have shown that women don't really like.
Women prefer men who have a beard short or medium length. However, those who have beard longer then their head hear will most likely find refusal in women, and here's why.

Women found that they did not like men with a long beard, because such beard usually has an unpleasant and strange smell. Since the beard is around the mouth, you can smell the scent of food and drinks, and if you are a smoker, then that smell becomes even more unpleasant. 

As far as looks are concerned, women say that they do not mind such beard, but that unpleasant odor just can not bear.

So, if you have a long beard, then devote time to it and nourish it and wash it properly. Use shampoos and wash it after each meal, thus avoiding the creation of unpleasant odors.


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