Genius Inventions You Must Have in 2019

Since we live in the 21st century, it is difficult to come up with new inventions and invent simple things that can serve us and make life easier. Nevertheless, we have found phenomenal new inventions that are conquering this year and which become a real hit. These ingenious things can be bought on popular sites like Aliexpress or Amazon, and can really make your life easier and more beautiful.

Although there have been many of these inventions this year, we present you only those that we think are the best and the most genius:

1. Pillow where you can lie with glasses or headphones
You must have had a pillow problem when you want to lie on it with glasses and watch TV. This new pillow allows you to do this because it contains a space in which your glasses or headphones can easily fit.

2. Stainless steel soap
This soap from your hand draws the scents of food that remain after cooking.

3. Portable Cupholder
This holder is designed to fit in a bath or jacuzzi so you can enjoy a drink while you relax. 

4. Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors

5. Mini fridge for one can
This little fridge is designed to cool your favorite drink at your workplace.

6. Umbrella with cup holder

7. Scooter for suitcase
This scooter connects with your suitcase and allows you to move faster with your luggage at airports and city streets.   

8. Digital coin bank savings jar
Nothing is worse than when you have to count all the coins you've collected for years. This digital coin bank jar does it for you.


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