Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato - the first off-road supercar

Last week, Lamborghini introduced its new concept model called Huracán Sterrato. It's the first off-road hyper car. Now information has emerged that he could actually get to serial production.

Namely, if it is to be updated with the latest information, this model could begin to be manufactured in 2021. Of course, if this really happened, he would probably have been produced in a limited number of copies. The plans of the Italian manufacturer have yet to be completed, but sources close to Lamborghini say that between 500 and 1,000 copies of the Huracán Sterrato model could be produced. Allegedly, each of these copies will be sold at a price of about 240,000 euros.
There is still no official confirmation from Lamborghini, but Maurizio Reggiani stated that "everything is possible." He said that such a car could be profitable. This is subject to the fact that components of the Huracán Sterrato are produced from "light, synthetic material" using 3D printing techniques. This would save a large amount of money. 

Huracán Sterrato would certainly be an interesting addition to the Italian manufacturer. Especially because of the fact that reports have emerged that the replacement for the Huracán model will only come in 2024, and not earlier, as expected. 
In any case, no matter what happens, let's say something about the Huracán Sterrato concept. It is based on the Huracán Evo model and has an aggressive exterior design with off-road elements. In order to drive off the asphalt, the clearance was raised by 47 mm. There are 20 and 21-inch wheels with special tires.

It is powered by an atmospheric 5.2-liter V10 engine that develops 631 hp (471 kW). The unit is connected to the seven-speed DCT transmission, through which power is sent to all wheels.


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