Guy creates chat bot to reply to his girlfriend while he’s at work

After he realized that he had neglected his girlfriend because of job, the Chinese developer made a chat-bot that immediately answered the partner's messages.
Li Kaixiang, a software engineer working for the Chinese electronic commerce company, has created a program to send his girlfriend's sweet messages while at work, says Abacus News.

The plan worked at first, but suddenly
trailed when the girl noticed that the person - or she thought - responds very quickly. But more importantly, the bot began to send messages that no normal person would write.

“Baby, this is our 618th day together. Hope you’ll feel bright as the sun,” the bot writes at first as can be seen in a screenshot posted on another Weibo account. Then suddenly, it sent a rather weird message that reads: “Temperature: 18.0° – 34.0° C… Wind: Level 3… Air quality: 42.0”

According to the report, the woman asked her boyfriend why he is suddenly answering messages so quickly. 

Chatting, translated by Abacus News, shows that a woman is asking her "boyfriend" how he did it and how it was designed, but the bot was designed to play stupid whenever woman asked about its existence.

Li said in his
now deleted Weibo post that he was surprised when he learned that his girlfriend had exchanged 300 messages with the bot until he had finished the work.

However, it was not entirely clear whether Li intended to deceive his girlfriend to believe that he had sent her a messages, because the report stated that Weibo's software engineer's account had been deleted.

Despite this, the exchange his girlfriend had with the bot still went viral, so one user even asked if he could send chatbot to him.

However, another user said that the bot was more stimulating than the real boyfriend.

“Is it really a boyfriend that I lack? What I lack is a chatbot,” said the user.  


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