Michelin introduce puncture proof airless tire

Michelin Company has introduced new and revolutionary tires that have no air in them and which can not be puncture. These tires do not lose shape, they do not have to inflated and are resistant to puncture. Although the racing on them also spends as on ordinary tires, this type of tire will provide a safer, cheaper and longer-lasting ride for drivers.

Research has shown that drivers have the most problems with the tires and that a lot of money is spent on tires that burst. Also, certain types of tires can not be repaired after bursting, so these tires will bring a lot of benefits to drivers.

Also, cars in the future that will use such tires will not have the need for a spare wheel, which means there will be more place in the trunk.

Watch a video clip:



  1. What about winter seems like they would fill up with snow n ice....

  2. I'm they are open just to show how they work and will be sealed up for mass production.

  3. Jesus was this written by a 4th grader? Do editors no longer exist? Wow.


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