Opel Astra Caught Speeding at 696 km/h (432 mp/h)!!

An unbelievable thing happened in Belgium, as Opel Astra driver received a fine saying that he was driving at 696 km/h (432 mp/h). What is even more amazing is that the driver is caught on a part of the road with a speed limit of 50 km/h (31 mp/h), which means he has exceeded his speed by a record 654 km/h (406 mp/h).

This is the highest recorded speed at the radar ever and the man who drove Astra was in shock when his sentence arrived at his home address. He immediately appealed and said that this is simply impossible because his car can not exceed 180 km/h (111 mp/h).

The Belgian police said most likely there was a radar fault, which is the reason why he registered the airplane speed. 


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