The Best Tips for Cooking Indian Food

There’s a common misconception that it takes forever to make Indian food. The food recipes might sound easy but it takes time to prepare the tastiest foods. If you are a working woman looking for healthy and instant cooking tips for Indian food, you are lucky.

Since you are forced to wake up early to get to the office on time, you will have a limited time to prepare a dish for yourself or the family. Here are some useful tips from Indian restaurant Marigold Maison to help you out in the kitchen. Use them to add pleasure to your food and reduce the cooking time considerably. Here is what you need to know.

•    Are you looking to prepare crispy puri? Well, make sure you add some rava to yoru wheat flour while kneading for the best results.

•    If you want to make crispy bajjis, you should add some corn flour to the gram flour.

•    When preparing chicken, you can avoid browning by adding some salt.

•    When preparing tomatoes, potatoes or almonds, you can remove the skin effortlessly by soaking in water for 5 to 10 minutes.

•    Add some water to your container when boiling milk to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

•    If you want to increase the shelf-life of your fruits, make sure you store them in the refrigerator, especially for dry fruits.

•    Once you are done boiling pasta or noodles, put them in cold water to separate the strings for the best meal.

•    Make sure you freeze your meat for some time before cutting to make the process easier.

•    If you don’t have any fresh tomatoes to prepare your dish, choose alternatives such as tomato sauce or tomato paste and save a lot of tim.

•    Prepare a lot of garlic paste, chilli and ginger then put it in the refrigerator to use when needed. You can use any of these as handy ingredients in any Indian dish and save a lot of time.

•    Grate a coconut then put it in the fridge since it can be used as a basic ingredient in any Indian dish.

•    If you want to save a lot of time when cooking, use your oven to sauté chilies, onions and tomatoes. 

•    Make sure you refrigerate any potato or cauliflower paste since you can use it for stuffing in cutlets or parathas.

•    Don’t peel your potatoes since they have a lot of nutrients and will help you save a lot of time when cooking.

•    Replace tamarind with mango powder to enjoy a stronger taste.

Use these tips when preparing Indian dishes for an improved taste and to save a lot of time. If you decide to heed these tips and are ever visiting Arizona, then here are the opening hours for the restaurant that provided the advice


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