Relationship with the best friend is stronger than the relationship with a girlfriend

Research and recent surveys have shown that best friends have a stronger bond than a guy and a girlfriend ...

Friendship between two men is something that can hardly be described in words and women often do not understand it. We begin to think of our best friend as a brother, and as a part of our family. The best friends are always there when you need them and we can always rely on them.

This creates a strong and unbreakable relationship that can last for the rest of live. However, it is often talked about how this relationship can not be compared with a love relationship between a man and a woman, and that women in fact, break up friendships between men. 

It turns out that this is not entirely true and that the link between the two best friends is far stronger than the relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend. A survey conducted in Australia showed that men are very attached and close to their best friends and will not allow anything to separate them. 

Although some men share their time in time with friends and time with a better half, 65% of the men surveyed said they would leave their girlfriend if they had to choose between her and best friend. 

So it seems that the American saying "Bros before hoes" is correct and that nothing can stand between two best friends: Therefore, ladies caution, do not try to separate men from their friends, because it is very likely that you will lose them. 

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