Wi Fi Internet affect the fertility of men

In today's modern times, there is almost no place without a Wi Fi router. Internet signals are constantly expanding in all directions and with the speed of light penetrates through our body. Although many thought that the Wi Fi Internet does not have any harm to humans, Japanese scientists have proved otherwise.

They conducted a study in Japan that showed that 53.4% of men surveyed had problems with negative spermatozoa. Men who had problems were those who spent 8 or more hours on average near the Wi Fi router.

The Japanese suggest that you move the Internet router into rooms where you do not often stay, and that you do not keep your mobile devices constantly close to you, because they also contain receivers and signal emitters that also affect fertility. 

Men who spent their time outdoors and who's working is not related to the office and the internet, had better results and their spermatozoa were far healthier.

So, if possible, avoid the radiation of the wireless devices and spend time in nature and of course reduce the use of mobile devices, as this is the only way to prolong your life and to be healthier.

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  1. Where is the link to the Japanese Study so we can know this isn’t BS?


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