12 Things Men and Women See in Completely Different Ways

The opposite sex is often a mystery to us, but these hilarious illustrations may explain their way of thinking.

Sometimes we can't help ourselves to ask the question: Are girls and guys from the same planet?

There are innumerable things we do in a different way, differentiating our way of thinking and our way of coping with different life situations. However, it is clear to everyone that without each other we cannot ...

We are the same, and yet so different.

That's why we bring you illustrations that will explain biggest differences between the weaker and the stronger sex in a humorous, realistic and fun way.

If the opposite sex also sometimes confuses you with your behavior, it's time to take a good look at the illustrations we bring you. We believe you will find yourself in some of them! :)

First date

After a break-up

Being single too long


Preparing for a date




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