Do women care what car we drive?

We decided to solve this mystery once and for all ...

Many talk about men with more money and better cars being far more successful at winning over women, and that women love when a man has a good job, lots of money and cars that everyone turns to. While it is normal for everyone to want the best and the most expensive things possible, is it true that it is the most important thing for women and that they prefer men who have better cars.

We decided to do a small survey, so we headed to the city center to ask the ladies the question "does it matter which car a man drives?". Here's what girls said:

Jena, 28 (28 is age): “It is nice to drive in a good car, but it is not something that is crucial for choosing a man. The brand and value of the car is not important to me, it is important to me that the car is only safe." 

Michaela, 24: “The car says a lot about a man. But if one drives a expensive car, it does not mean that it is his and that the guy has money, but it can mean that someone has a rich father or friend. " 

Johanna, 36: “When I can already choose, then I choose men who drive good cars. The same if and when I choose phones and other things in my life. " 

May, 32: "It doesn't matter what the car is, it's important to have it and roll it." 

Jennifer, 40: “The car used to be a luxury, but today it is no longer so. For good money, relatively good and newer cars can be bought, so it is important for me that a man has a car that is modern and safe. It doesn't have to be expensive, but I avoid those who drive 35-year-old cars that fall apart. " 

Nicole, 23: “Of course the car is important. Car shows what the man has in store. I don't think it's a shame if women are looking for rich men, it's important to know what one wants and what makes him happy. " 

Ana, 31: "A good car makes you feel nice at first, because it's a nice feeling, but in the end, you won't be with the car, but with the man who drives them, so I still pay more attention to the man himself."

So, as you can see, the answers were quite different, which tells us that not all women are obsessed with the brand and price of a vehicle. It is important to some and not to others, which just confirms that the tastes and interests are different.

If you have an expensive car, then you will attract a
girl who cares about that, and if you do not, you will meet a woman who will look for something else in you.  

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