Bald Guys Are More Intelligent and Successful, Study Shows

In addition to being seen as very successful, bald men are very attractive to women and have more success with seduction.

Interesting research done by American scientist Albert E. Mannes, who is bald himself, will delight all bald-headed men.

What connects Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon, CEO of ‚Merck & Co. Kenneth Fraser and successful businessman Steve Ballmer? Besides being successful, rich and intelligent, all three are bald. 

In addition to being seen as very successful, bald men are very attractive to women, so it's no surprise that Jason Statham or Bruce Willis are among the most desirable men. 

Coincidence? Probably not! According to a study conducted at the Pennsylvania Institute, bald men are most often perceived as dominant and successful. Hair loss is a traumatic experience for many men, but it doesn't seem all that dark after all. One study involved 59 subjects, and Manesa was interested in people's reaction to bald people. The results showed that bald men gave the impression of powerful, influential and authoritative men. Likewise, for some reason, the respondents thought that bald men in the photos were taller and stronger than those with hair. 

''So, if they want to emphasize their dominance, men who have started losing hair should shave all the way. If nothing else, then to improve their position in society” Mannes said. 

Bald men are also perceived as more intelligent. A global study conducted by psychologist Ronald Henss, with 20,000 participants, shows that bald men are usually perceived as older, but also wiser and more intelligent. Otherwise, bald men have long been thought to be sexually potent because hair loss has been linked to testosterone levels. Still, this does not seem to be the case. Hair loss is not caused by testosterone but by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a testosterone derivative, but it mainly affects the hair follicle. 


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