Women reveal: What a perfect man should look like

A survey made in Europe gave us an insight into what women are looking for in a man ...

Men are constantly trying to find the answer, what women like and what they look for on men. That is why we try to change our hairstyles frequently, to refresh our style and to change the perfumes we wear in order to attract more beautiful women, but the fact is that these are not the main things to pay attention to.

European girls have decided to acknowledge what they love and are looking for the most on men, and we will share it with you. Although there were many answers, the 5 characteristics turned out to be the most important in a woman's eyes.

1. Height

According to European girls, tall men get more looks and points for looks. They simply appear more mature, more powerful and more attractive.

2. Tidiness

The man should not be messy and neglected, but always groomed, sleek and attractive.

3. Fashion trends

Women love when men follow trends and when they look fashionable and fresh. If someone wears things that are 20 years old, then it immediately falls in the eyes of women.

4. Facial features

A man must have a beautiful and asymmetrical face. Although not everything is about beauty, it is very important for its attractiveness and sexual energy.

5. Body appearance

A man does not have to be a carved David, but he must not be neglected and fat. Must have male figure, broad shoulders and strong back


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