First Nude Restaurant In Switzerland Opens

Being naked in public in Switzerland is not illegal as long as a person without clothing behaves decently. Therefore, not wearing clothes is not considered indecent per se. 

The absence of a law banning naked publicity in Switzerland has resulted in some rather free, entertaining and quite unusual occurrences, such as the Zurich Festival of Bodies and Freedoms, where nude actors perform on crowded city streets.

A restaurant is expected to open in Basel by the end of the month for all those who consider clothing unnecessary. Namely, the first restaurant for guests without clothes is opening. The restaurant will have a wardrobe to keep guests all clothes, instead of just coats and jackets, and a restaurant where they will be served by naked staff and walk naked themselves.

Whether the idea will come to pass and this type of restaurant will become a hit or will it be just another failed idea time will show. While it is unclear whether there is actually any demand for a nudist restaurant, the owner is not too concerned about the rations of citizens and is excited about the opening. Some will visit the restaurant out of curiosity to experience what it looks like to eat in a room full of naked strangers, while others may love it because they enjoy local cuisine. Anyway - everyone is allowed to leave their clothes on, the owner notes. 

Attempts have been made to open nudist restaurants in several countries, but the idea has not come to fruition. We will see if it succeeds in Switzerland. 


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