Why Do Some of Us Shiver When We Pee?

We are sure this has happened to some of you ...

You know how this works. The call of nature calls you, you go to the toilet and at the end you feel something that makes you shake and shake the whole thing. Scientists wanted to examine this and determine what exactly leads to this phenomenon.

Believe it or not, scientists cannot say for sure what leads to this phenomenon, but they have good assumptions about what causes it.

The first thing that can cause this brief shiver is a change in body temperature. Because when you urinate, you expel hot fluid from your body, which causes the body to cool, causing it to shiver. The next cause is a change in temperature on your intimate parts, which can also cause shivers. 

However, scientists say that the nerves that say your bladder is full, after releasing your urine, get a counter-irritant, which also activates the surrounding nerves in the body, causing men to shake.

Doctors and researchers can't say exactly which of these three causes mysterious shivering, but they assure us that this is a completely normal phenomenon that all men experience.


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