Science says: Pets are better than sedatives

In today’s fast-paced and rather stressful times, we struggle every day with problems that can drive us insane. It has been determined that more than 40% of people on the planet take some kind of sedative or tranquilizer, and there is also a large percentage of those who have become addicted to these drugs.

Stress is the greatest enemy of modern man and people are trying in every way to overcome it. Unfortunately, drugs act as the most powerful weapon, but they are often a double-edged sword. However, doctors now advise you to fight stress in another way, with the help of animals.

Research has shown that staying with pets has the same effect on our brains as sedatives.

"Petting drastically reduces stress, and walking dogs, brushing cats, as well as arranging aquariums and fishing reduce anxiety and generally increase happiness in an individual," said one of the doctors who led the research.

So, if you have problems with stress and if it seems to you that the only salvation is in medication, get one little shaggy creature and everything will be much easier for you.


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