What to do if the brakes on the car fail?

This is every driver's nightmare ...

Although many think that this only happens in movies, it is common for people to have their brakes on their vehicles fail. This usually happens due to the rupture of the hoses in which there is hydraulic oil that drives your brakes.

However, what to do if the brakes on the vehicle fail?

The first thing you need to do is apply the foot brake a few times quickly. This will create pressure in the brake system and you may be able to brake. If that doesn't work, you have two options to help you slow down.

First aid is of course the handbrake, which will help you slow down the car a lot. Press the button on the handbrake, then raise the handbrake. If you hear your wheels slide, release the brake slightly, then raise it again. The handbrake is not that strong, but it will help you slow down and stop the vehicle later.

However, there is also engine braking to further help you slow down the car. While slowing down with the
handbrake, shift the engine into a lower gear, release the clutch, and then lower the gears to the lowest. By lowering to a lower speed, the engine itself will slow down your wheels, which will make the job of the handbrake easier and thus help you stop easier.

If you notice that the car does not stop fast enough and there is a risk of endangering someone's life, then try to hit something soft with the vehicle, such as bushes or metal sidewalks that are tucked in to stop the vehicle (
this is the last option).


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