How to punch properly?

Many men think they know this, but they are actually wrong ...

Although we always try to avoid a physical fight, if it happens by any chance, it is better to be ready than unprepared. In a street fight, the one who strikes the first blow and the one who actually knows how to strike wins. Many people think that hitting is simple and easy, but in fact, in every correct hit, there is a certain technique that prevents you from getting injured and that ensures that you create enough force to defeat your opponent.

Former kickboxing champion, Benny Urquidez, demonstrated to us how to hit properly and how we should position our hand to incapacitate an opponent. Benny says that the fist must rotate when hitting to make it stronger and that body weight should be used to make the blow more violent.

Watch his video demonstration below and see how you can effectively hit your opponent:

We will also leave you a video clip of the movie "Wheels on meals" where Benny Urquidez starred with Jackie Chan and where he demonstrated his skills.




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