Women are into Vikings

The latest poll found that members of the fairer sex are attracted to men who have longer hair and beards ...

Another survey comes to us from Germany and shows that if you have a beard and long hair, then you have an easy passage to the hearts of many women. As many as 75% of women said they are attracted to men who have these attributes. They said they had nothing against shaved men with short hair, but that the "hairier" guys were sexier.

They also explained why. Women said they like men with beards and long hair because they primarily look unusual and because they are different from the standard type of man. However, as the main reason, they stated that they look much more masculine and stronger, and that they feel safe next to such men.

"The appearance of a bully is something that has always attracted women, and when a man has a big beard and longer hair, he has a sly, strong and skeptical look that knocks us off our feet," said one of the women who participated in the survey.

Scientists confirmed these statements and said that women are not crazy and that once in prehistoric hairy men were much more popular, because it was a symbol of strength, masculinity and sexual strength, so it is normal that such instincts are still hidden in women's subconscious.


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