How to hug a girl you like

Here are the 5 steps to hug a girl you like without being awkward.
Get her attention

Before you even try to initiate a hug, you need to get her attention without freaking her out and here are some ways to do that:

 1.   Place your hand on her shoulder

 2.  Say her name

 3.   Look at her in the eye and give her a warm smile

OK, great! You have her attention, but before you move onto the next step I want you to make sure you’re in a place where she won’t be embarrassed to hug you.

For example, in front of her parents or ex-boyfriend might not be the best idea. Try to wait for the times when no one’s around.

Now that you’re in the best possible location, let’s move onto the next step:
Ask her for a hug

Now you’re ready to hug you… but how? What do you say?

Well you have a couple possibilities:

The first way is to give her a compliment and to go for it:

Not sure what to say?

Here are some ideas:

1.    How did you know I had a weak spot for dresses like that?

2.    You’re hair looks so shiny and natural

3.   You must be the most adorable, cute girl I know

After you give her a compliment and you can tell that she likes you, just move in for the hug.

The second way to get her to hug you is by simply asking in a playful way, for example:

1.    I know you were about to kiss me, but what about a hug for now?

2.    I think your arms would look even better around me

3.    Sweetie, would you pleeeeeease give me a hug?

 4.   Well before we get wild at my place, we should probably hug…

The key is to sound playful and flirty so that you seem as laybacked as possible.

How to hug a girl

Well now you ready for the actual hug, what are you supposed to do with your arms, head, etc?

1.    Always start by placing your right arm over her left shoulder

2.   Make sure you really pull her in so that she really feels you (and you feel her boobs!)

 3.   Lean your head on her shoulder if you really want to show her how much you love her

 4.   Take your time with the hug so that you get a chance to tell her how much you like her/ miss her

If you follow these rules, very little can go wrong, but what can you do if she’s a short girl...

How to hug a short girl

Hugging a short girl is especially difficult for tall guys, here are a couple solutions from  :

1.    Let her hug your waist while leaning her head against your body and you hug her from above her shoulders with your head leaning on top of hers

2.    Let her sit down on your lap facing you (or facing away) and hug

 3.   You can hug while sitting beside her

And obviously, you can always get her to stand on her toes and tell her how much you like cute, short girls.

How to make the hug more passionate

What if you really like this girl and you don’t want this to be a quick hug that you’ll both forget about?

Follow these simple ideas to make your hug more passionate:

1.    Start making out

2.    Get her to jump into your arms

3.   Start talking dirty (and pull her into your bedroom)



  1. Ok, so after step 3 I'm standing there, smiling with my hand on her shoulder, waiting for the right moment to hug her, e. g. waiting for the parants to leave the room. I'm sure, that won't get awkward. :D

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