10 bizarre death monuments

Death among people is never missed. Even if that happen, we would be sure to make war and make up the deficit. What you are about to see, are monuments to black lady in folk known as the - death.

Cemetery St. Hilaire, France

Cemetery, St. Hilare in Marvilleu (France), belongs to one of those places whose grandeur lies in simplicity. Each skull is placed in a small box on which were written the funeral inscriptions.

Cemetery St. Hilaire

Cathedral of Otranto, Italy

In the chapel of the Cathedral of Otranto (Italy) are the remains of victims of the massacre of the 1480th year. The bones were placed above the high altar, and the whole atmosphere is enriched with giant golden candle foot. The most famous victim
mentioned massacre was Antonio Primaldo, who first lost his head to the Turkish invasion. According to legend, when he was decapitated body was left to stand upright and even oxen are later able to move. The body remained so until the last victim was not killed. 

Cathedral of Otranto, Italy

San Martino, Italy

The ossuary San Martino della Battaglia (Italy) is one of the most interesting "house of bones" on this list. Row by row, column by column, the human remains are in almost perfect order, such as books in the library. A total of 1,274 skulls in glass cases.

San Martino, Italy

Chapel of Bones, Portugal

"The Chapel of Bones" (Portugal) is located in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo in the Portuguese village of Faro. The entire walls and ceilings are made ​​of bones of members of religious detachment Carmelite. Death here  even is found under the earth while digging stone for tombstones, died in clashes and various dignitaries.

Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Chapel of St. Michael, Austria

Skulls in the Chapel of St. Michael the Hallstatt are famous for being colored. Almost all are men's skulls, their
wives decorated them. The remains of the died women and children were buried elsewhere and their skulls are not interesting enough to paint.

Chapel of St. Michael

Virgins, Italy

This bony lady can be found in the chapel of the "Virgines" in the crypts of the monastery of Santa Maria della Pace in Palermo (Italy). She is one of the four virgines placed in the monastery as the embodiment of the triumph of faith.

Vincenzo Piccini, Italy

Vincenzo Piccini is the only
dressed mummy in church Chiesa dei Morti in the Italian town of Urbania. He is dressed in the garb of a religious order to which he belonged, and whose recognition was a silver badge of death, which can be seen in this picture.     

Vincenzo Piccini

St. Pancratius, Switzerland

The bones of St. Pancratius were found in the Church of St. Niklaus in Wilu, Switzerland. The original outfit donned his nuns in 1600, but in 1777. when his bones were moved to Wil, he is dressed in a suit of armor.

St. Pancratius

St. Gratianus, Germany

St. Gratianus is dressed in rich jewels and fine linen, which does not really fits with the fact that he died as a martyr. 
It is known that he died for his faith because his bones are above the cup full of dried blood. His remains can be seen in the Basilica of Waldsassen, Germany.

Sedlek Ossuary, Czech Republic

Sedlek ossuary is located in the Czech Republic and one of the most famous "house of bones" in the world. Here the bones are not only just exposed, but one of them made ​​a frightening ornament. The place is especially famous for the huge candlestick made ​​entirely of human bones, as you can see in the top left corner.

Sedlek Ossuary


  1. The Chapel of bones it is NOT in Faro, is in √Čvora (a couple of laaaaaaaaarge km above, 288km!!!). Portugal is a small country and this chapel is the only one in the country. How come you commit an error like this? And it isn't located in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo at all! It is in a small interior chapel located next to the entrance of the Church of St. Francis. I wonder if the others are correct too... Who did this research, anyway? Feel free to reply len_sweet_len@yahoo.com

    1. Well I'm not from Portugal, so that I can rely only on the information from the Internet. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I will correct the error.

    2. If you type "Chapel of Bones, Portugal" in google for example, the 1st 3 or 4 results say "√Čvora". Could you please give me sites where that erroneous information is? Thank you so much.


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