Top 6 strongest beers in the world

Of all the fantastic things ever invented, beer is definitely among the top ten. Most of the beers you've drank look like juice for children in comparison with the strongest international beers.

Brewery: Dogfish Head
Origin: United States
Alcohol: 15-20%

With version 60, and 90, this brewery produces a version 120
which contains between 15 and 20% alcohol. Unlike other beers on this list, this is more readily available and of course if you live in the United States. Light pours because of its density and has a very mild taste of beer with such a quantity of alcohol.

Brewery: Sam Adams
Origin: United States
Alcohol: 27%

Is prohibited in 13 American states and sold in packs of six bottles. This beer is the pride of the Boston brewery and its unique strength thanks 15-year maturation in oak barrels, with the same kind used for maturing whiskey. Sales in ceramic-copper bottles resembling kettle.

Brewery: BrewDog
Origin: Scotland
Alcohol: 41%

Eccentric Scottish brewery BrewDog has produced a beer with 41 per cent alcohol. "Sink the Bismarck!" Celebrated command the British war Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which was the Royal Navy met 27 May in 1941. , when the North Atlantic Ocean after a three-day manhunt destroyed the famous German warship. Bismarck particularly disturbed
Churchill because it had sunk the pride of the British fleet, the battle cruiser Hood. Although the method of production and the characteristics of beer indeed, Sink The Bismarck is not smooth like its less alcoholic relatives - in fact it has more alcohol than vodka or whiskey.

Brewery: BrewDog
Origin: Scotland
Alcohol: 55%

In addition you have a chance to see what it looks like a squirrel who swallowed a bottle, see also the second most expensive beer in the world. End of History beer is characterized by extremely high udiu alcohol. Produced only 11 bottles of this exclusive beer, called by the book of philosopher Francis Fukuyama.

Brewery: Schorschbrau
Origin: Germany
Alcohol: 57%

To be precise, this beer produced in Germany has a flat 57.5% alcohol.
If you happen to try this beer, consider yourself a lucky guy, because currently this beer can not get anywhere, and it is produce only 36 bottles.

Brewery: 't Koelschip
Origin: Netherlands
Alcohol: 60%

Dutch brewery 't Koelschip produced a beer called Start The Future, which is - believe it or not - 60% alcohol, and currently holds the status of the strongest beer in the world. It certainly does not drink like beer, but like a cocktail in a glass of whiskey or brandy, otherwise you might have a
strongest hangover the in the world.


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