TOP 10: Soocer players wifes

One of the most popular professions in the 21st century, in addition to experts in the IT sector or a tourist guide, is a football players wife. To a degree in this profession is reached easily, all you have to do if you are a young hot model, charms some players on the rise, and smiles you successful career in this field.

And when you are a woman known players, then you will enjoy everything that follows with it: fame, money, and parties, media attention ... Every day you'll be on covers of magazines, he'll call you in a variety of TV shows where there is a non-obligatory chat room on fashion shows. For no reason, because you're, well, a woman or girl of world football star, is a matter for a reason?

This is of course a men's corner, so definitely our male readers wondering ever  since we began to pay personally to our dear girl readers (we know there's a lot)? Well, gentlemen, this article could be useful not only for you, because football vocabulary
you can expect a, "a feast for the eyes," but for our ladies, because if you have ambitions of the profession of the title, then you definitely could be learn from some of these beauties from our list.

Kirsten Pazik (Andrei Shevchenko)

The American model has since 2004. married to legendary Ukrainian, and they have two sons. They met in 2002 on afterparty in Milan, and they were married in a private ceremony on the golf course in Washington. Communicate in Italian, because Andrew was not enough for three years in London's Chelsea to learn English. We do not know much about Kirsten's love life before she met Shevchenko, but we can assume that she has always preferred the athletes, because her father was a baseball player. 

Milene Domingues (ex Ronaldo)

This Brazilian beauty was not just the players wife, but her husband (the older Ronaldo) was the husband of football player. Because, Milena loved to peak soccer, as a professional. However, she better go pose in front of the camera chases the ball. This football couple spent four years married, since 1999. the 2003rd and after he divorced Milena, Luis Ronaldo Nazario da Lima (anyone who 1998 when the FIFA World Cup, was 10 years old, he knows his whole name by heart) went over the edge in his career he was first kicked out of Real Madrid and then in Milan, and then gained weight.

Alena Ĺ eredova (Gianluigi Buffon)

Another model on the list, which means 3 of 3, by far the leadership models against the rest of the world. The former first runner-up in the Miss Czech Republic, and the fourth with the Miss World in 1998. That was years ago, but believe us, it still looks wonderful. In Italy came 2002, to the center of the fashion world even more broke the Fashion Stage. And she's doing, it can be said that has succeeded in life, even came up to a leadership role in a TV show. She was able to reel in player, and her choice is Gigi Buffon, one of the best goalkeepers of today. They have two children.

Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard)

When it comes to loyalty, with popular Steve are only two important things: his club Liverpool whos member is eight years, and his wife, Alex, to which the long-term relationship, which is crowned by marriage 2007 and where they have three little daughter. Alex is a trained guessed it - a model. But she also knows a lot about fashion even writes a column in the Daily Mirror. Its impact in English football is extremely high, because it is one of the leaders of the so-called WAG (Wives and girlfriends), which brings together all the wives and girlfriends of English national football team. It is obviously a very serious and recognized institution. For us, this acronym WAG highly associated with some power, dominance, prestige ...

Cheryl Cole (ex Ashley Cole)

For the adorable Cheryl know for sure that she was a member of the above organizations, as her ex-husband was for many years an irreplaceable position at left back in the team, "proud Albion." But what is particular about her is that she is not a model! WTF?! Yes, Cheryl is a singer, and a member of the famous pop group Girls Aloud. Miracles happen, Ashley Cole is one of the few players who was married to a girl who actually has some talent, except that knows how to pose and walk the runway. Moreover, it is a versatile girl, engaged in humanitarian work. And out of respect for the husband decided to keep his last name. A noble girl.

Ilary Blasi (Francesco Totti)

Popular "The Prince of Rome" was for many years a favorite of the fairer sex, but his heart belongs to only one woman, and what a women! Ilari a media personality in the broadest sense of the word: a model, television host, actress ... Since childhood acting in commercials, and is extremely popular in Italy. She and Francesco have two children and have been married since 2005.

Helen Svedin (Luis Figo)

Well, Louis is not exactly a charmer, not a pretty boy, and it is fatty, but probably realized all boyhood dreams, maybe even more than that: He also played for Real and Barcelona, ​​was the best player in the world, won the Champions League, married long-legged attractive Swede, a model of course, naturally blonde, with whom he has three beautiful little daughters, that we beautiful on mom and from dad inherit some other qualities. Helen was loose enough for the needs of a magazine showing off her lush breasts, completely naked, but we will not put that picture because we care about the health and peace of mind of our readers ...

All Christiana Ronaldo chicks

One of the two best players today, not very popular with the male audience for two reasons:
The first is that we all believe that the midget from Barcelona is far greater master of the field from him, and the other because Ronaldo was really nice and well-built guy and he could probably hook up any chick he wish (there is only one man like that, but he is just a character from the series Two and half Men). Indeed, there is nothing to criticize Christian, a boy charmer, and deserves to be popular among female fans. And other attractive women.

And here are just some of those who have fallen for his charm:
Daniela Cicarelli, Brazilian model, three months were engaged

Raica Oliveira, also a Brazilian model, had a brief affair with Ronald

Gemma Atkinson, English actress and model, is also associated with a player of Real Madrid

Adriana Sklenarikova (ex Christian Carembeu)

The long romance between a former French national team player and Slovak model, which lasted 13 years and ended in March 2011, when Adrian discovered reporters that the two are no longer together. Apparently Christian was too jealous. Who would not be, in addition to such a woman, every man who looks at her, you felt a deadly enemy. We'll tell you just that Adriana has the longest legs of all the models in the world. Christian brother, we fully understand, and sympathize in your sufferings.

Victoria Beckham (David Beckham)

You could suggest that this couple will be found at the top of the list. Victoria might not be pretty or nice as some of the previous shelf but is no longer so young, she had had three deliveries, a lot of problems in the marriage. David and Victoria have been together since 1997, and they were married a year later. Indeed, along with Brad and Angelina, they are probably the most famous celebrity couple in the world. She is a singer, a member of the iconic pop group the Spice Girls, he's a popular athlete, handsome, charming, and lovers of football will be remembered as one of the greatest masters to perform free kicks. They had a lot of ups and downs in marriage, but are still together. Fairytale.


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