Living as a warrior: Legion

Legion is the most vital part of the French Army. It is made up of volunteers of different origin and known for brutal training, and many say that it is on the brink of humanity.

Foreign Legion was founded by Louis-Philippe in 1831. , to "spare French blood" in the conquest. That's why he hired mercenaries from other countries. However, these are not the first "mercenaries". The ancient Romans and later the Turks in this way fill their ranks.

Legion operates in various missions outside France, but on territory of the state must not act!

Another interesting fact is that the officer corps, consisting only of the French, and every other soldier can only progress to the NCO rank. So, it is a legion of foreigners, but foreigners can not command.


To even attempt to become a member of the legion, a man must be between 18 and 40, the middle volume of the body and that there are no health problems. Selection is merciless. Obesity and rotten teeth are not forgivable.

You must show loyalty to France, and to know elementary French language, to understand orders.

The myth of the legion as a place to hide serious criminals, relates to the start of operation. Then they did not pay attention to security issues, and some notorious criminals managed to get into the ranks of the unit.

Today, however, the candidates reviewed in detail with the help of the French civil service, and no one convicted of a crime may not be in the ranks of the most elite French unit. An applicant who meets all the requirements, access to training.

The new man

It is said that for those who approach this unit actually begins a new life. So on paper.
Legions of anyone who starts training gives a new identity, a new name and date of birth. All personal documents. Thereby protecting their soldiers.

In the first two years, banned from having contact with relatives and friends from a past life. In these, the first two years,
have a break of 14 days but must leave France.

Stories of this unit say that people see it as an escape from past and adventure. And certainly a new life.


'' Sweat in training prevents blood on the job! "

This is the motto in this elite military unit. Harsh training should enable them to survive in the worst of situations. Are brought to the limit of endurance.

This training consists of training in climbing, setting traps and explosives, hand fighting techniques, methods of combat in urban areas, rowing, swimming in the sea without a combat vest with backpack and rifle.

"Where are you going?"

Desertion is one of the problems faced by these units. Annually, around 100 volunteers deserts of the unit that sought a chance.

To reach kepi as it is called popularly known white cap of the unit, "lizards" are tested for 17 weeks. The worst week in four striking that reduce meals and sleep and increase exercise efforts. About 120 kilometers long march in the Pyrenees which is done just before the oath.


Salary is given in cash and is not a secret. Depending on the rank, of service and combat engagement ranges from 975 to 1372 euros. Soldiers are prohibited bank accounts in banks. After three years, the soldier received French citizenship.

Contracts are signed for 5 years. After 20 years of service, legionnaire is entitled to a lifetime pension and health care.

Salvation in Hell

Many soon realize that it is too hard, a life that is not for them. Those looking for adventure and adrenaline, keep up in the ranks. People come eager for new beginnings or disappointed in their place under the sky.

But either way, no one here is interested in motives and sad life stories. They are interested in trained and capable soldiers. Only those who truly want to live like a warrior, finding the right home in the Foreign Legion.



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